Oh My Gosh... (It's here)

It’s really here. It’s the official online launch of Soul Salt Arts, Inc.! Welcome to our new home at www.SoulSaltArts.com! Come on in, take a look around, open every door and drawer - YOU are our special quest! And don’t forget to sign our proverbial guest book (the LOG IN link at the top of the site's page) that connects you with our amazing community of artists, businesses, college students and more. Stay in the know about discounts on services, new releases and updates, and special events happening near you!

Now, here, take a seat.

Let’s talk.

You may be familiar with this brand when I started back in 2011 as simply “Soul Salt”, with me frequenting local arts venues, hand-delivering CDs. You may remember the events I produced during that time, like Heart & Soul and The Master’s Pieces. Or, if you’ve only known me within the last few years, you may remember when I helped independent artists in Atlanta, or began producing a film documentary and live event called Culture Shock: Ocala. More recently, you might have caught a glimpse of me behind the scenes of Eddie J. Wilson’s Love’s Ulterior Motive as the Director of Communications, or flash across multiple movie screens in 2018 - my breakout year as an actress!

It has been a wild ride, and I loved every bit of it! (Well, most of it). Sure, at first glance it all looked like years steel-framed with successes; but if you looked closely, you would have also seen a young woman full of fears, doubts, anxieties; one experiencing failure in other areas of her life, closed off from others and unsure of her path as she balanced a career that competed with her passions. You would have seen her experience a grappling of wills, and a time when her life felt forced in all the wrong directions.

I being “her” am proud of this pivotal moment, however. This moment, this day - with a clear blueprint from The Architect - is when I gather the nails, wood, cement, the hits and misses, brick walls and much-needed sounding boards, and build something that I can be proud of; something painted with the palette of beautiful experiences that complement who I am at the core: a writer. An artist. A business woman. Together, these elements contribute to what is an Arts Administrator, and I get to be that, too, in this company.

Soul Salt Arts, Inc. is not only who I am, but it is what I have built to serve you. Whether you are an artist figuring out your next steps, the head of a startup or organization that’s just getting off the ground, or an event planner in need of live or written creative work to help it stand out, let this be your home, too. (And I can’t wait to show you the additions I’ll be making)!

So settle in, and let me know what I can do for you.

Welcome Home,

Melanie C. Gordon, CEO/Founder

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